Break the Business Interview

Ryan Kairalla is an entertainment lawyer, writer, podcaster and teacher. His Break the Business Podcast is a show for indie artists and the people who love and support them. It is a fun and informative discussion of entertainment law (for non-lawyers), independent artists, and popular culture.

Our conversation with Ryan was filled with marketing tips, and covered a bit of our backstory. We talked about:

  • How George changed his mind about never being in a band again
  • How we both used interests outside of music to promote ourselves
  • How aligning our goals with a cause can help us reach new audiences
  • And more!

Listen here:

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the music business and the legal intricacies that come with it, check out the book:

Break the Business

Thanks to Ryan for having us on the show. We had a blast! If you enjoyed this episode, please recommend it :)

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