How COVID-19 can help you as an artist.

Gigs are being cancelled, the future seems uncertain, there’s a lot to cause anxiety right now if you’re an artist. But have you seen the videos that have been circulating from Italy lately? In this time of crisis, it is…


How to get people to pre-save your song on Spotify.

How to encourage people to pre-save your song on Spotify.

I recently was complimented by other artists about a post I made on facebook for our upcoming release’ pre-save campaign because it made them actually want to click that link…


Bookers will love you for this

Venues & Bookers Will Love You For This Top 17 things to do to make sure you’re booked again

You’ve landed a cool gig. Maybe you’re really new and you just booked your first coffee shop feature. Or maybe you…



Words of wisdom from those who are at the top of their game in the industry. A selection of our favorite golden nuggets from ASCAP EXPO “I Create Music” 2018, including Meghan Trainor, J Kash, Greg Wells, Claudia Brant, Jeff…


Taxes for musicians

Deductions for 2017

Let me preface this by stating that I’m not a tax accountant or expert by any stretch of imagination. I’m just a musician doing my taxes and learning how it works along the way. I’m sharing what…


The making of my tribute to Chester Bennington

Or ideas on how to make a cover song your own.


There are many types of covers. Some sound just like the originals, some sound nothing like it. I absolutely love cover songs that are somewhere in between. It…


Break the Business Interview

Ryan Kairalla is an entertainment lawyer, writer, podcaster and teacher. His Break the Business Podcast is a show for indie artists and the people who love and support them. It is a fun and informative discussion of entertainment law (for…


Female Entrepreneur Musician Interview

A few weeks before our album launch, I started seeing ads for Bree Noble’s “Women of Substance Radio” and “Female Musician Academy”. Eventually, I also found her Female Entrepreneur Musician podcast. After binge-listening to CDBaby’s DIY Musician podcasts for weeks…