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You Must've Known

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Music & lyrics by George Paolini & Sherry-Lynn Lee
© 2018

You must’ve known my name before I came along
The way you say it sounds just like a song
So I am pretty sure that you
Already knew my name
Before I came along
You must’ve known my name before I came along

And when we first walked hand in hand
I couldn’t reach couldn’t understand
But you were there at every step
Anticipating every fall
Gave me strength to move on
You must’ve known my strength before I came along

I made more mistakes than I can remember
You bit your tongue and kept your smile
Knowing eventually I’d figure it out
On my own but meanwhile

[Whistled/instrumental verse]

I just want to say thanks to you
For never saying I told you so
Except a million times
But that’s okay
You must’ve known that too before this song