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Good Morning Night

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Good morning night, Good night day
Tuck the sun in, let the moon out to play
The day must end, for the night to begin
So lay your head down, and we’ll start all over again

Lay your head down, while the stars jump and dance
Dream a sweet dream, while you have the chance
And when you awake, you might hear some slight sighs
As the last twinkling starts in the sky
Close their weary eyes

Round and round and round we go
Back and forth, to and fro
Where we stop, well now, nobody knows
Out with the old, in with the new

Morning will come
And bring a new day
The moon in a slumber
The sun up to play

The night must end
For the day to begin
And you’ll get yourself up
You’ll get yourself up
Get yourself up
And start all over again

Music & lyrics by George Paolini
Recorded live at Phase One Studios, Toronto ON
Piano: George Paolini
Vocals: Sherry-Lynn Lee
Drums: Stefan Hegerat
Bass: Jeff Deegan
Recording engineer: Jeff Pelletier
Mixed/mastered by Richard Hein
Artwork by Sam Paolini