Mauritian Artists You May Not Know About...

Richard Sedley Assonne, writer & poet (lyricist for Le Morne)

Pamela Saramandif, artist
Nuckcheddy, artist  
Jean-François Koenig, artist
Greta, artist
Jacques K. Lee, author
Zee Monodee, author
Khal Torabully, poet  
Shanny Ramsamy, musician 
Olivier Frappier & Les Inkonnus, musician
Serenity Josué, musician
Gina Jean-Charles, musician
Agape Prod, videography & photography, videography & photography
Jeffrey Chan Tin, photography
Audrey & Jonathan's Photography Blog, photography

Given that today is Mauritian Independence Day, I thought I'd highlight a few Mauritian artists. Disclaimer: these are only artists that I am aware of, so there is a disproportionate number of QEC alumni, Sino-Mauriciens and Mauritians in Canada. If you think I left out somebody who should be on this list, please email me and I will add them on the page ;)

Geeky stuff :)

Tribute to Cassiya - Le Morne