The birth of Deadweight

It was a cold but clear Sunday 45 years ago when five teenage boys descended the back stairs into the basement of the Methodist Church in Madison, Maine. They lugged various pieces of musical equipment: amplifiers, guitars, microphones, stands, cables,…

Losing your religion

One of us was indoctrinated with Catholicism, the other with Disney. Consequently, our conversations often sound something like this:
Me: "When I was in the first grade, Sister Ursula rapped my hands with a ruler for wearing my…

Another year older

End table made of recycled
 copper and wine barrel staves Time flies when you’re having fun. A quick list of accomplishments for 2016:  
  • Remodeled the house
  • Got a son graduated from high school
  • Got…

What's in a name?

We have been contemplating changing the name of our group.   23rd Hour has some personal significance for us. It was after a marathon 23-hour jam session that we wrote our first song together. We like the name, but…

A Christmas story

I’m not what you might call a religious person.
So the fact that I found myself in the High Church of Capitalism, also known as Walmart,  on Christmas Eve day was, to say the least, unusual. But sometimes a…

College Circuit

It’s gratifying to see that in this day of age of social media and smart phones everywhere that college radio is still alive and well.   Last night we did a gig at KZSU 90.1 FM in the Bay…

Our Holiday Card

So why a balmy, tropical beach scene for our yuletide greeting?

And why do the coconut trees seem to be upside down?

A few reasons (or maybe a bit of rationalization).

First, about the image: It captures a watery reflection…

The root of all evil

We have been battling with a most vexatious weed in our yard. It seems capable of propagating anywhere, sprouting to a couple feet in height with incredible speed and agility. Its tenacious roots anchor defiantly in the soil, making…

Our humble harvest

Throughout the summer and fall, we endured endless photos and postings from friends and family about their bountiful gardens.
We looked on in envy and awe at the cornucopia of fruits and vegetables that people seemed to effortlessly…

Season of Sharing

George Years ago, I decided to have a little holiday dinner party. As I returned from the grocery store I was greeted eagerly by son Anthony, then 7, who, like most growing boys, has a fascination with food.

A perfect day

Wake up after 11 hours, feeling fully recovered from jet lag, travel, visiting and feasting.
Decide upon plan for day: 1. Go on diet 2. Put up Christmas lights 3. Build fire in fireplace.
Look for diet food.…