Bookers will love you for this

Venues & Bookers Will Love You For This Top 17 things to do to make sure you’re booked again

You’ve landed a cool gig. Maybe you’re really new and you just booked your first coffee shop feature. Or maybe you…


THE GIST: “The Linchpin” by Seth Godin

The Gist is a new series where I summarize books I’ve read and my reflections on how their concepts apply to my life as a music entrepreneur.

It was 2008 and I was about to release my first EP of…


Finding Authenticity

One day, I stumbled upon the world of sync licensing. Many of the songs being licensed were three chord songs, simple melodies and lyrics, cute but nothing complicated to them. Our songs naturally tend to be cute, but with intricate…


I Quit My Job To Start My Music Business: People React.

Photo credit to the incredibly talented Lesya Kulchenko.

I wasn’t quite sure how my colleagues, friends, or family would react to my departure. For a long time, I dreaded that my decision would be met with derision, shaking heads/eye rolls,



Words of wisdom from those who are at the top of their game in the industry. A selection of our favorite golden nuggets from ASCAP EXPO “I Create Music” 2018, including Meghan Trainor, J Kash, Greg Wells, Claudia Brant, Jeff…


You Must’ve Known

A song for our favorite superheroes: our moms and dads.

With Mother's Day and Father's Day being just around the corner, we decided to write our next tune in honor of the first superheroes we ever get to know as…


Gravity Can Wait

Ever seen a skateboarder or snowboarder doing tricks where they seem to hang in mid-air for a second? That imagery is what inspired the song “Gravity Can Wait”. In that brief moment of weightlessness, it seems that gravity can wait…


Life Ingesting Plastic Ain’t Fantastic — Our trash problem

Our trash is washing up on a Hawaiian beach, or ingested by the seafood we eat. Think about that.

Everything from crates to minuscule plastic pieces strewn along the beach.

It’s the most beautiful beach we know. Turquoise waters, fine…


Taxes for musicians

Deductions for 2017

Let me preface this by stating that I’m not a tax accountant or expert by any stretch of imagination. I’m just a musician doing my taxes and learning how it works along the way. I’m sharing what…


“Retired” at 30. What Now?

Photo from our trip to Hawaii, Feb 2018.

As we finished breakfast today, George asked me:

“What do you want to do today?”

Exactly a month ago, I officially resigned from my position at a Silicon Valley company to “retire”…


Chasing the sun

Ocean sunsets can be spectacular. Ocean sunrises, while usually a bit more subdued, are at the very least an inspirational way to greet the morning.

But how often can you see both in one day?

We decided to give it…