Our New Christmas Album is Out!


Each year, we pledge to begin work on our Christmas songs early. Each year, we fall short of our goal and find ourselves in an all-too-familiar predicament, working through the Thanksgiving weekend to put the finishing touches on our latest…


How to get people to pre-save your song on Spotify.

How to encourage people to pre-save your song on Spotify.

I recently was complimented by other artists about a post I made on facebook for our upcoming release’ pre-save campaign because it made them actually want to click that link…


The right way to quit your day job to pursue your passion

I left my high paying, very cool tech job to spend a year doing something else I love: music. Some found my decision inspiring, bold. Others were a bit befuddled but wished me well. Many expressed gratitude for my contributions…


Why Crazy Rich Asians Gives Me Hope

I recently attended a party where I found myself chatting with two lovely caucasian ladies. Another couple joined the conversation, and we went through the usual “what do you do?” and “what’s next?”. One of the ladies had worked at…


The Opportunity Cost of 10,000 steps

Or why I never used to exercise.

This daily goal has always seemed so daunting. On an average work day, I would barely get a few thousand steps. At the end of the day, I would want to spend whatever…


Bookers will love you for this

Venues & Bookers Will Love You For This Top 17 things to do to make sure you’re booked again

You’ve landed a cool gig. Maybe you’re really new and you just booked your first coffee shop feature. Or maybe you…


THE GIST: “The Linchpin” by Seth Godin

The Gist is a new series where I summarize books I’ve read and my reflections on how their concepts apply to my life as a music entrepreneur.

It was 2008 and I was about to release my first EP of…


Finding Authenticity

One day, I stumbled upon the world of sync licensing. Many of the songs being licensed were three chord songs, simple melodies and lyrics, cute but nothing complicated to them. Our songs naturally tend to be cute, but with intricate…


I Quit My Job To Start My Music Business: People React.

Photo credit to the incredibly talented Lesya Kulchenko.

I wasn’t quite sure how my colleagues, friends, or family would react to my departure. For a long time, I dreaded that my decision would be met with derision, shaking heads/eye rolls,