You Must’ve Known

A song for our favorite superheroes: our moms and dads.

With Mother's Day and Father's Day being just around the corner, we decided to write our next tune in honor of the first superheroes we ever get to know as kids: our parents.

"You Must've Known" is an acoustic pop tune, with a bit of a Jack Johnson vibe. Lyrics are included below. We'd love to know what you think of the song!

For a limited time, it is available for FREE download on our website:

You Must've Known by 23rd Hour

You Must’ve Known

Music & Lyrics by George Paolini & Sherry-Lynn Lee

You must’ve known my name before I came along
The way you say it sounds just like a song
So I am pretty sure
You already knew my name
Before I came along
You must’ve known my name before I came along

And when we first walked hand in hand
I couldn’t reach couldn’t understand
But you were there at every step
Anticipating every fall
Gave me strength to move on
You must’ve known my strength before I came along

I made more mistakes than I can remember
You bit your tongue and kept your smile
Knowing eventually I’d figure it out
On my own but meanwhile

[Whistled/instrumental verse]

I just want to say thanks to you
For never saying I told you so
Except a million times but that’s okay
You must’ve known that too before this song

Thank you for listening to the new tune.

It is best served with loved ones gathered around a yummy brunch.

Forward this to a parent who would enjoy it :)

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